Celebration Of Life

A Beautiful Tribute to a
Beautiful Life

Losing a loved one can be a very difficult and emotional time of your life, and in the midst of all your grief and sadness, with so much legal work and process to attend to, the moments of loving reflection often get lost.
But when everything can seem overwhelming as a celebrant I am here to help you celebrate and honour those cherished memories of your loved one and to ensure that the light they brought into the world continues to shine brightly in your hearts.
I will support and guide you through the whole experience and help you commemorate your loved one in the best way possible. If you wish I will visit you in the comfort of your own home and spend time with you so that together we can craft a commemoration that reflects the true essence and character of your loved one and create a heartfelt celebration of their life.
You may also choose to involve other family and/or friends in this process too. We will share stories, tributes and memories and I can help with music choices, poems or readings and any rituals you may like to include in the ceremony.
I understand that this is a very sensitive process and will listen carefully to your wishes throughout and ensure I help compose a ceremony that most reflects your loved one. I will then arrange the service and write the tribute (eulogy) and deliver this for you on the day.
Together, we'll celebrate a life well-lived, ensuring that the legacy left behind continues to inspire and uplift all who were touched by it.
There are many types of ceremonies we can give to celebrate our loved one’s life:

Natural and Woodland Burials

It may be that your loved one has expressed a wish to be buried in a more natural setting. This is a more environmentally friendly alternative to a more traditional burial or cremation and is a beautiful and serene place for your family and friends to say goodbye.

Scattering of Ashes

This ceremony may take place a few weeks after the cremation or for some people it may be quite some time after. This ceremony allows you to choose a special place associated with happy memories or may be a favourite place of your loved one. You may want to include a ritual as part of the ceremony as a meaningful way of saying goodbye.


This is usually held some time after a private funeral and can have a more relaxed feel. A memorial can give you more time create a bespoke ceremony and you don’t have any time constraints. You also have the opportunity to involve as many people as you want as part of the ceremony and be able to reflect and celebrate your loved one’s life in your special way.

Living Funerals

I also help people who are ill or are reaching the end of their life to plan their own funeral or celebration of life.
If you are are ill, or maybe do not want to upset or burden your loved ones with thoughts of your passing, I can help you. Together we can arrange your ceremony in your own unique way, choose your own music, script, poems or rituals and decide what you want to say to your family and friends.
A living funeral offers you the chance to take control and plan your day, your way and give you the opportunity to spend time with your friends and loved ones in the way you want.
A living funeral can also be for anyone at any stage of life - and you maybe want to organise your funeral when you are fit and well - but whatever the circumstances, I am here to help organise, plan and deliver your wishes in a supportive and sensitive way and help you create something memorable for you and your loved ones.

The Song is Ended, but the Melody Lingers On.

Irving Berlin


Your Step By Step Guide


Getting In Touch

You can book me through your chosen funeral director and just tell them that you want a celebrant and that you want to have me to carry out the ceremony.
You can also get in touch with me directly and I will liaise with the funeral director to let them know I will be performing the ceremony.
We will then have a chat to see if you feel I am the right person to carry out the celebration of life for your loved one.
We can also discuss what kind of ceremony you would like, where you would like it to be held and if you would like to include any personalised rituals.

Personal Visit

I will come out to visit you and together we will talk about the person you have lost.
I like to really get to know the person through you and gain an insight into their life, what they enjoyed, their passions, what things were important to them, how they lived and any other pieces of information that were unique to that person.
I can also help you choose any specific music, readings, poems etc.

The Tribute (eulogy) and Ceremony

  • I will come away from our meeting and write a life story tribute (eulogy).
  • When I have written the eulogy and you have reviewed I will make any changes you need to the script.
  • But don't worry you will still have plenty of time to make further changes along the way to ensure that it is perfect as possible.
  • It is important we capture the true essence and spirit of your loved one.
  • I will also provide you with a beautiful commemorative copy after the funeral.

On The Day

I arrive in plenty of time before the service, so I am there to greet you.
I will lead the ceremony that we have planned together and I will be there to support you until everyone has left.

Charges & Services

Funerals and Celebrations of life from

Included In Fee:

  1. Initial consultation/chat
  2. Unlimited communication and support throughout the process. This may be via email, text, video or phone.
  3. Liason with the Funeral Director to coordinate the ceremony plans.
  4. Travel within a 20 mile radius of Huddersfield free of charge (additional costs may be incurred should there be more travel involved.)


  1. Initial consultation/chat – free of charge
  2. 25 – 30 min slot at a crematorium or graveside: £220
  3. 45 min slot at a crematorium: £220
  4. 1 hour slot at the crematorium: £250
  5. Burial following a crematorium ceremony £220
  6. 1 hour slot at the crematorium: £250
  7. Burial of ashes (if I have carried out the ceremony) £40
  8. Burial of ashes (if I haven’t carried out the ceremony) £220
  9. Burial of a pet £90

Get In Touch

I offer all my potential clients a free no obligation chat ( up to 30 minutes)
where we can discuss your plans and see how I may help you make
Your Perfect Day Your Way.