Your Perfect Day Your Way!

Your wedding day is the ultimate expression of your love and commitment to each other, a day where you can celebrate and express your love for one another in your own unique, shared and special way.
A ceremony led by a celebrant is so much more personal than a registry office or licensed venue and you have so much choice in how you want to craft your ceremony.
And, as your celebrant I am here to help you create that unique ceremony of your dreams - a ceremony where you can be as imaginative and romantic as you are about each other.
There are so many wonderful ways in which you can choose to celebrate your special day that it can be difficult to know where to start.
I offer all my prospective clients a free no obligation chat to help them explore all the options for their ceremony and I would love to offer that to you too. Please feel free to contact me in the contact form below, but in the mean time here are some things you might consider:


Maybe you would like some cultural or religious themes and elements of a traditional wedding service - or maybe you don’t - maybe your idea of a theme is a Game Of Thrones or a Peaky Blinders wedding, that’s ok too. My role is to help you choose a “framework” for your wedding ceremony and celebrations that reflect something symbolic for you both.


Within this framework of your ceremony there are so many beautiful and inspiring elements you can include to enhance the day. You could consider singing, lighting candles, a ring ceremony or hand fasting, you can be as imaginative and as creative as you want and I can help with ideas and suggestions to help bring that extra sparkle and magic to your day.


Personally I would always suggest you think about any locations that have a special and personal relevance to you both as a couple, but as always the decision is yours! You have the freedom to celebrate your wedding day anywhere.
It may have been your dream to get married under the stars, on a beautiful beach, in an old barn, by a ruined castle, a wood, on a boat or even in your garden - the choices are endless.


It may be that you want family and friends, children, grandchildren and even pets to be a part of the day. There are many ways in which they can be involved and add something special to your celebration. You may want them to take part in a ritual or perform a song or a reading.
But also it may be that you just want a quiet intimate ceremony without any fuss. Either way, whether you're aiming for a grand affair or a quiet event, my goal is to ensure that your ceremony is filled with happiness and where you can both make beautiful and cherished memories.

Commitment Only

It may be that you would prefer not to be legally married but would like to celebrate your commitment to one another in a way that is individual and special to you. If this is the case, then a celebrant led ceremony could be the perfect fit. After all, the ceremony is about celebrating your love and commitment to each other in your own unique way.

My Passion

My motto is “Your Perfect Day Your Way” and it is my passion to work together to craft a ceremony that is completely unique to you and celebrates the love you have for each other.

All You Need Is Love

John Lennon


Your Step by Step Guide

Here’s my easy step-by-step guide for your journey to your perfect day.
As part of my process I like to spend time with you both and listen carefully to how you imagine you would like your day to unfold. This helps me to get to know you both as a couple, what values you hold and what matters to you most and what makes your relationship really special.
And remember I am only ever a DM, email or phone call away!

Let's Chat

First you need to know whether I am the right person for you so we schedule an informal chat via phone, video or in person to discuss your dreams and plans for your special day

I Do!

If you decide to go ahead with me as your celebrant, I will send you my booking form and make sure the date is saved exclusively for you.
When you send back the form along with a 20% deposit then the fun begins. 😊

Getting To Know You

We will meet up (ideally in person) In this meeting:
  • We follow on from our initial chat and drill down into great detail what you want to create and talk through all the nuances of your dreams and plans.
  • We’ll discuss whether you want to include any special rituals as part of the ceremony and help you plan this.
  • If you are not sure what you want and what options you have I can suggest some personalised ideas and options especially after…
  • I ask you both to complete a fun couples questionnaire and a separate quiz from each of you so I can learn more about you both and those special things about your partner.
  • We’ll finish this meeting with a pre-agreed Plan Of Action

Now The Fun Begins

We will meet up (ideally in person) In this meeting:
  • After listening to your ideas and desires for your special day at our meeting, I will write a bespoke script which will include personalised readings, poems, music and rituals.
  • I can also help you write your vows if you’d like help with this.
  • When I have written the script and you have reviewed and I have made any changes I will send a payment notice for a further 60% of the total bill, but don't worry...
  • will still have plenty of time to make further changes along the way to ensure that it is perfect as possible.

Practice Makes Perfect

If possible, we will have a rehearsal at the venue, but if that isn’t possible for any reason, we can do this online too.
This is your opportunity for you to make any last minute tweaks and for me to help assuage any fears or worries you might have about the whole process

The Big Day

I get to the venue early to ensure everything runs smoothly and will happily get involved to ensure things are just right for when we start the ceremony.
After the ceremony I will submit my final invoice for the last 20% of the bill.

Here Comes the Legal Bit!

Remember, it's important to note that celebrants cannot legalise a marriage, so a couple will still have to register the marriage at a registry office.
You can do this before or after the wedding, but most couples do this before their celebrant led ceremony. This process is relatively simple and inexpensive.
To make your marriage or civil partnership legally binding you simply need to attend the registry office with two witnesses. This is called 2+2 Ceremony where you make the basic statutory declarations and sign your marriage certificate.
Once you have completed this part of the process, you are free to enjoy your wedding in your own unique way.

Charges & Services


Wedding Packages:

My wedding packages start from

Keep it Low Key:

I also offer a lower cost option for couples who may want a more low key ceremony midweek with less fuss or a more intimate feel with prices starting from
All my packages offer unlimited communication across the whole process in whatever form you like including email, text, WhatsApp, video or phone.
Travel within a 20 mile radius of Huddersfield free of charge (additional costs may be incurred should there be more travel involved.)

Get In Touch

I offer all my potential clients a free no obligation chat ( up to 30 minutes)
where we can discuss your plans and see how I may help you make
Your Perfect Day Your Way.